Create and Open Waters Revolution King

Founded in 2016, GMINFU is dedicated to the promotion of aquatic life-saving products as well as to a number of sports events. Nowadays, GMINFU is launching its online fashion shopping platform to achieve a full-scale online store that can satisfy your various needs of love sports.

GMINFU lifesaving floatation device

Overcome fear, open water safe travel
We believe that "the more we swim, the easier it is for people to swim in the open water." We are committed to providing more protection in outdoor sports. For the sake of ourselves and others' safety, we produce both stylish and comfortable functional Auxiliary float wrist watch, the functional and practical as a priority element applied to the water-saving appliances, allowing you to unimpeded open day in the open water. We insist more protection can also make your link with your family not accidentally cut off, sports and entertainment should also pay attention to safety.